Jacob Hobbs

Driver – Kart number: 25 – Junior Rotax

I started racing in April 2021 in rental karts and it’s been a whirlwind journey ever since. I progressed really quickly at the local circuit I drove at competing in a Sunday championship, advanced sessions weekly and special events such as endurance races and charity events.

My aim is to be a professional racing driver which is why we set-up our kart team, JHR, to enable me to do what I love and we have been working hard at it ever since on and off track.

JHR Kart team is completely independent. We work hard racing in three different championship, enabling me to compete against some of the best drivers out there.

We race in our custom kart livery, coloured fluorescent orange and black, proudly showing our sponsors. Our kart is an OTK 401R chassis and I race in the Junior Rotax category. I have a MotorSport UK racing licence.

All the hard work, determination and dedication has resulted in some fantastic achievements. I was • vice-champion in the 2022 IKR Championship, • 2022 Endurance Champion, • 3rd place in the IKR winter cup, • 5th in the Kent Cup, been on the podium 19 times, lap record holder at two circuits to name just a few of my proud moments.

When I’m not racing we are testing at circuits throughout the UK and competing in one-off races in-between our championship commitments.

2024 promises to be an exciting year of racing competing in the 2024 NKC Championship and the 2024 BMKR Junior Rotax Championship.

We are always looking for sponsors and partners to help us achieve our goals and to grow our race team. If you are interested in joining us on our journey please get in-touch using one of the many methods available from our website.


Current Owner Kart Stats:
I’ve scored a total of 2560 championship points to date.
19 Grand Final championship podiums earning some nice silverware.
25 Trophies awarded so far.
Won #1 rising star award.
Lap record holder
at Lydd International Kart Circuit (LIKC Rotax Championship).
Lap record holder with the first ever 33 second lap at Brentwood Karting (Sodi Super League).

Final finishing positions for completed championships:

1st– 2023 LIKC Junior Rotax Champion
24 hour Endurance Race

1stG.O.S Endurance Race Champion
2nd  – IKR Rotax Summer Championship 2022
3rd – IKR Rotax Winter Championship 2022
5th  – Kent Cup Rotax Championship 2022
12th Team Hard National Scholarship 2022
13th  – BMKR Rotax Championship 2022